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Care Packages


One of the biggest costs we spend our nonprofit money on are care packages to help people laugh and feel loved while facing a tough mountain during their treatment. We send them for free but you can also purchase one for us to send to someone you know or yourself. Or you can purchase one for us to give to someone at our discretion who is in the middle of cancer. Visit our Shop to purchase a care package.

Helping Those Feeling Down


Throughout the year we scan social media for people with cancer who are feeling down and we ask them if we can send them a care package. It doesn't matter where the person lives as long as they can accept mail from the United States.


December Holiday
Care Packages

In the fall we ask for nominations for our special holiday care packages that vary in content each year. These packages are meant to cheer up those facing cancer during the winter holidays. We send 31, one for each day of December. If you would like to donate new items or would like to nominate someone or yourself, please contact us.

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