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A Room With No View -- But Some Humor

Tia was diagnosed with breast cancer at age 34 and is from Canada.

I did all my staging when I was first diagnosed and I had to meet with my oncologist for the results and my treatment plans. BIG APPOINTMENT, very very scary. Much stress.

My cancer centre is about two hours away by car and my appointment was at 9 a.m. so we booked a hotel in that city and went the day before. By we, I mean my mom because she was now my caregiver. And by we booked a hotel I mean she booked a hotel.

Lemme tell you where my dear mother booked us at, during one of the most stressful nights of our lives: a 2-star rated Super 8. We get there and the room was in the basement and it had a moist. The room next to us (with an adjoining door so noise just slipped right through) was being renovated. The beds sagged so much in the middle it was like being in a hammock, and there were blood stains on one mattress -- SIGNIFICANT blood stains.

My mom, realizing what had happened, got punched in the gut with so much guilt I don’t think she has recovered to this day and it’s been 10 months. I thought it was the funniest thing that ever happened, I took a bunch of pictures, posted them online with the caption “this is how we celebrate my last night before finding out how badly my cancer has spread LMAO.” It was such a horrible room, what more could you do but laugh?

My mom went to the front desk to explain our situation and we got moved to a slightly better room. I suspect that hotel had no great rooms but as long as there were no bed bugs and it was quiet, it was no big deal to me. And after my mom drank an entire bottle of wine, it was no big deal to her either.

Since that little adventure I have booked all our stays at a very nice Travelodge, right across from the cancer centre and I definitely don’t remind her about the Super 8 experience every time we stay there *wink.*

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