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Coughing Up a Lung

Meet one of the members of our community who will receive a care package. Brittney is from North Texas in the Dallas area and was diagnosed in January 2019 with Hodgkin's Lymphoma. She shared this funny story from her cancer journey.

I had just been diagnosed with cancer and it was still really fresh and new for me. I went out to a small local bar with my husband and met for drinks with some family and friends. We sat at a table and the bartender came over to get everyone's drink order. I was coughing, as usual, due to it being one of my symptoms that helped me discover that something was wrong. The bartender tried to make a joke about me "coughing up a lung" and then gave me a hard time and teased me when I ordered my usual water with lime. He was just trying to lighten the mood and I'm sure was working for that tip!

When he came back with everyone's drinks and receipts for them to sign, he also slid me one and loudly remarked that he needed me to sign that for him. I was taken aback at first because as I said, I ordered water. Everyone at the table leaned over to read what the bartender had written on it as he smiled super big and slowly walked backwards waiting for us to all laugh hysterically at his joke that read "If I cough & die here, (bar name), is not held liable." With a big X for me to "sign here" in agreement! Let's just say everyone at my table was clearly cringing and felt awkward. I just started laughing as I said loudly to the bartender, "It's funny because I'm actually coughing because I have CANCER!" Haahhaha

You should have seen his face!! I wish I could have recorded it!! LOL! He immediately jogged back up to me saying "Nuh-huh!?!?" And then he threw his arm around me and said, "Wow, I feel like an ass!" Everyone laughed and I assured him that it was OK. He proceeded to offer me free food and drinks and then even went as far as donating for my benefit auction my friend set up for me! Nice guy, really. He still got a good tip.

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