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Did You Really Say That?

My name is Sian Moss and I am 29 from England. I live in Dubai and was diagnosed with stage one, triple negative breast cancer on May 23, 2021, at the age of 28.

Here are some of the most ridiculous things people have said to me since I’ve been diagnosed! Laugh if not you’ll cry right?!

"You don’t actually have cancer though do you?" - I’m not really sure how I can say: "I have breast cancer" any more clear to be honest.

"So they’ll just cut the lump out and you’ll done right? At least that’s easy." - No, definitely not easy.

"At least you have got a good cancer." - Good cancer? Is there any such thing?

"It’ll all be over soon." - To be "over" I need to endure five months of chemo, surgery and possibly radiation. Not to mention the lifelong worry and check-ups in case it comes back.

"Oh well they can be your hospital pajamas when you have surgery hahaha." - Fantastic, surgery is so funny.

"Did you win at games night on Thursday?" - No because I was actually in hospital all night having my port fitted to get ready to start chemo. So I had to cancel games night, which I told you about and you wished me good luck for my surgery. Nice to know you’ve listened to me.

"Are you enjoying your summer and what’s the temperature like in Dubai?" - No not really seeing as I should be in England with my family. What do you think the temperature is like? Seeing as you live here. We live in a desert and it’s July.

"Have you managed to sunbathe all day?" - No, because it’s 50 degrees and I have a port under my skin which you know has had a heat rash over it. I also have chemo once a week so funnily enough I probably won’t be sunbathing.

Some people really have shocked me with how they have dealt with my situation! Not all in bad ways, some people have been amazing, others not so much! I just wish people would think before they spoke!

People need to take a second before they panic and say something ridiculous! Put yourself in my shoes for just a second and think if what you’re saying is really appropriate. Empathy - This is something I’m finding a lot of people struggle with!

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