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Friendship & Shared Humor

I'm Omer, 33, and I was born and raised in Israel. I moved to the United States about a year and a half ago on behalf of my work (I work in high tech). Six months ago, my best friend was diagnosed with a stage 3 non-Hodgkin's lymphoma cancer. When he told me he might have cancer, it was the worst feeling I ever experienced in my life.

Since we were both living in different parts of the world at the time, I was crushed, devastated and frustrated that I could not be there with him. I am naturally a happy person, but I could feel how his suffering was filling me with sorrow and sadness. The decision then struck me, that if I cannot be there for him physically, I am going to document his journey with the type of humor we always shared. The result is @MySillyCancer - a comic series about a relationship between a man and his unexpected pet, Cancer, and the challenges that this unwelcomed animal brings into his life.

Since the project has been lunched last month I have been getting amazing feedback from people all over the world going through the same struggles as my friend. These people, who are living a nightmare, found solace and some laughter within the pain and fear, even if for just a moment. Hearing these stories while seeing my best friend fight so bravely, is the best form of satisfaction I can think of. My friend is doing well, and is currently waiting for an auto stem cell transplant, and I am going to continue working on My Silly Cancer, and will continue to release new comics for as long as he needs me.

I welcomed you to follow our adventures on Instagram, Facebook and Patreon.

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