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Holding On For Dear Life

My name is Stephanie and I'm from Santa Rosa, California. I was diagnosed with colon cancer at 22 and diagnosed at 24 with brain cancer. This story is from a month before I was diagnosed with brain cancer.

The month before I was diagnosed, my mom took me horse back riding for my birthday.

I was having the hardest time staying on the horse, I couldn’t feel my left hand or my left foot but it was cold out so I just figured it was my neuropathy acting up.

So off we went.

It was supposed be an all-day horseback ride to a waterfall but we only lasted for about two hours. The whole time I was riding the horse crooked and the lady kept tightening the poor horse’s saddle. lol.

So here I am trying to ride a horse with a brain tumor I didn’t even know about and at one point the horse took off with me on it and I was literally just flopping around holding on for dear life. Luckily I was able to stay on. After that point we decided to end our little trip because I was miserable and I’m pretty sure the lady was so frustrated with us by this point.

A month later I was diagnosed with brain cancer. Looking back on this I’m just like that could’ve ended up being a lot worse than I thought it was! Lmao.

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