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No Use Crying Over Spilled Milk

Amy McHugh, 30, was diagnosed at age 29 with stage 4 breast cancer,  ER+PR+Her2-  on Feb. 9, 2017 -- metastasis from her left breast to right hip,  ribs,  sternum,  spine and skull.  A resident of Niceville, Florida, she is an RN,  married to her high school sweetheart  and they have a 2-year-old daughter. She missed the lump in her breast because of breast feeding and a blocked milk duct history. She started to limp and had hip pain after slipping, falling, and accidentally doing the splits. And cancer was found during an MRI of her hip. 

So I was diagnosed at 29 with stage 4 breast cancer in February of 2017.  I had been breastfeeding my 16 month old until the day of the MRI of my hip that initially diagnosed the cancer.

I was told to stop breastfeeding immediately. So after all the MRIs and CTs, I had to get my very first mammogram a couple days later.   The ladies in this facility seemed on edge on this day and I think I was the last mammogram before one lady got to take lunch.

Needless to say,  she wasn't all warm, fuzzy,  and comforting.  I told her I had just stopped breastfeeding so my breast were tender and she seemed dismissive. I felt that she thought I was acting like a wimp.  She started man-handling me and my boobs, pushing me around to get me situated how she wanted without talking to me. But she had no shortage of furrowed eyebrows. I was thinking, "Man,  Sorry I'm not experienced and know what to do here at AGE TWENTY NINE!" 

Anyway,  the first time she squished my boob in that machine it squirted milk like 3 feet and then just dripped down the machine.  She stopped and stood there looking shocked and slightly disgusted. She then said, "Did that just come from your....breast....??" 

I laughed saying "Yes" and thought "That's what you get!"

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