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Do What Gives You Peace

Updated: Nov 5, 2018

Marquita, 36, from Washington, D.C., was diagnosed at age 35 with stage 2 breast cancer in August 2017. Inquisitive by nature, Marquita accidentally discovered her lump by crossing her arms. The lump could be found in her left breast. Thinking she was mistaken, she put it off, but something in her gut told her that something was not quite right. After two biopsies, Marquita was diagnosed with breast cancer. Being a mother of three, Marquita knew that she had to do everything possible to prolong her life. She was instantly dedicated to beating her cancer, no matter the cost.

Being someone who considers herself to be a problem solver, my breast cancer diagnosis crushed my spirit. It was the first time in my life, where I was vulnerable and not in control. Dealing with the fact that I couldn’t make this diagnosis go away or any of the procedures that I would have to endure to fight this disease, was devastating. I was overwhelmed by the anticipation of chemo, a mastectomy, and radiation. I hate hearing of any potential side effects or statistics! It drives me crazy!

My most humorous moment I would have to say was when I found out I had to get a Zoladex shot to suppress my ovaries. As usual, I researched online what a Zoladex shot was and of course the internet didn’t let me down. I came upon endless websites of huge needles and bruised bellies. I was frightened beyond belief. So, the day of my appointment, I am in the waiting room frantic and sweating! I bought my husband for support. The doctor was running late, so I start to panic and consider walking out. In my mind, there is no way I can do this monthly. I finally go into the room to get the shot. My husband and is holding my hand and the nurse pinches my skin and gives me the shot. What looked to me as a spear or harpoon, felt like a prick of a rose bush! I felt so ridiculous! I had told my entire family about this horrible shot and I had to go back and tell them it was a tiny prick! I learned that day, that when dealing with disease, the internet is not always your best friend!

In my journey for peace, health, and sanity, I am always in search of ways to help defeat this disease and keep me happy. As a way to relieve my mind of the stress, I did two things: one, I wrote a book called “ BK’s mother has Breast Cancer,” a children’s book to help children understand and deal with their mother’s Breast Cancer diagnosis. This book helped me to gain control of my mental state by writing something that could help others. It made

me feel as if I was still being a problem solver.

And two, I started playing Angry Birds on my phone. I know this sounds silly, but it is one of my biggest stress relievers. Although, I was familiar with the game and played years ago, I never really got into it. But this year, it has been my saving grace! Whenever, I am overwhelmed, I will play this game for hours. It completely relaxes me and changes my mental state. It literally puts me at peace and makes me happy. Whatever I was just worrying about, I forget instantly once I become engulfed into the game. I will play anywhere! In the doctor's office before appointments, late at night when I get overcome with fear, or just anytime when I need to refocus or forget. By playing Angry Birds consistently, I learned a valuable lesson in this journey, I learned to do whatever you need to do to keep your peace and to survive.

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