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Glad To Be Me

Kathy Homrich was diagnosed with breast cancer at age 48.

My cancer journey started about nine and a half years ago. My, how time flies by!! 

Humor is a wonderful thing. Approaching the hospital, my husband said it looked like

Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas. That certainly brought some needed levity on the day of my breast cancer surgery. I truly love the expression, “laughter is the best medicine.” I add to that — unless you need medicine!! That always makes me chuckle, probably because it's true. 

In 2008, I had two surgeries and two months of chemotherapy. Going through chemo was no picnic. My family and friends were so kind and supportive during this time. That kind of love always stays with you!!

I have shared my poetry with family and friends alike. I wrote the poem, “Glad To Be Me” on Halloween of 2008. The costume I wore was my own. I hope you like it. When I recite it, I feel happy and strong. And the end of the poem always makes me laugh!  

Glad To Be Me

Today is my coming out party-yesiree.  

I've flipped my wig and I feel free.

Although the hair on my head is as short as can be. 

I'm fully alive — just look at me! 

I am so thankful and glad to be  

A woman of strength and frivolity!

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