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Is That a Boy or a Girl?

Hi I’m Amelia, I turned 30 in January and had to return from my second home in the Middle East back to the UK just before I celebrated my 30th birthday. I have been diagnosed with a rare stomach cancer that has spread. I am on some heavy chemo and am taking part in some trials, being the first person in the UK with what I have to take part in this trial. All is going so well. Positive vibes.

I was out shopping with my fiancé and we stopped for a cup of tea. I embrace my bald head and actually quite like it. I usually either tie a bow around it, use a scarf or let my barber fiancé shave some "go faster stripes" into it when some of the remains get longer. However, this day I hadn’t done either and was taking a break and drinking my cup of tea.

"WHY HAS THAT LITTLE BOY GOT HIS NAILS PAINTED?" I heard from the table opposite me. A little girl around 7-years-old shouted at her mum and pointed at me. I couldn’t help but laugh. The mum stared over, I could tell she was mortified. I smiled. She quickly got up and pulled the child away.

Being small in height and physique I’m always used to people questioning my age but questioning my gender is definitely a first. Got to love cancer guys. Follow my journey guys on Instagram at @cancerinconverse.       

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