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Learning To Laugh Rather Than Cry

Christi Ralosky was 39 when she was diagnosed with breast cancer, which just happened to be the day after Christmas. She lives in Lake Placid, Florida and has two grown children, Ryan, 21, and Leah, who will be 18 in September. She got into a horrible car accident with a semi in August 2015 in the pouring rain, which exploded all kinds of autoimmune diseases: rheumatoid arthritis and fibromyalgia. The car accident also caused traumatic brain injury.

So, I go for my double mastectomy. Things are going great. I wake up from a three-hour surgery doped up. Everything the nurse asks me I say "NO!", my boyfriend tells me. The nurses get frustrated because most patients leave after that surgery, but I was admitted. Well I am out of it and I get into a fight with the nurse and the administrator and they KICK ME OUT!

Bloody drains hanging from me, naked and barefoot. No instructions. Nothing. So the home health nurse that comes to see me, takes my dressing off and I am safety pinned to MYSELF! SIDE NOTE: If you don't learn to laugh rather than cry it helps.


Not too long ago I go Sally's Beauty to look around. Now mind you I still have my dreads but they are thinning badly and quickly. I have no idea what I am even looking for. Well I keep looking at the beautiful silky hair through a sew-in that I could have once had if I wouldn't have chosen to get dreadlocks. (But I'm very happy I tried the dreads because they were awesome.)

I see this beautiful curly ponytail so I think, "OK cool we will try this and see what it looks like because I think with the dreads on the top of my head it will be cute," so I get it.

We get home. I wear it, take some pictures (which I will share with y'all.)

No sooner do I take the pictures, then I must get my best friend to shave my head bald.

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