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Smells Like a Chocolate Spirit

Tifanie Powell is from California and was diagnosed at age 35 with triple negative breast cancer, Stage 3C. She underwent 16 rounds of chemo while pregnant followed by a healthy baby girl and 34 sessions of radiation.

I find that having cancer is easier when you find little things to laugh about. Having a unilateral mastectomy gave me LOTS of opportunities for a good laugh. One day I’m particular comes to mind.

My mother-in-law likes to give me a hard time about my “snacking.” We went to her house to pick her up for a road trip and I saw the most delicious truffles sitting on the counter and I stole them! I hid them in my bra/prosthetic/unilateral mastectomy side!!!

Well -- I had forgotten about the chocolates but I kept smelling something freaking delicious!! I asked everyone: “What is that smell? Share with me!!!”  No one knew what I was talking about. 

About two to three hours later we arrived and I went into the cabin. I said again, “I smell something delicious like cupcakes” and my son remembered I stole those chocolates! I went to grab one for me and one for my son from my FOOB and shocked that it had freaking melted beyond recognition: they were wrapped but by now the oil had completely separated from the chocolate. OMG. OMG.

 I screamed and laughed then laughed-cried. In the most loving way, my husband calls my snacking FAT GIRL problems; says I should have just eaten them with confidence.

I rushed to the bathroom with paper towels and towels to begin TRYING to wash it out. It wasn’t coming out. It got worse and messy. 

The water running from the Foob looked like chocolate milk and wouldn’t stop. Chocolate was everywhere AND a fun surprise: it was chocolate scented for over a year! Gotta love it. Gotta laugh about it!

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