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The Night Before Surgery

Sara is 36 and she comes from a family of breast cancer survivors -- her mom and sister both have faced the disease. She was diagnosed in June 2020, in a pandemic and while getting her dream job. After being her own health advocate and going to the right oncologist, she changed her outlook and chose to embrace the positive outlook. Instead of being depressed, she said she chose to be happy, laugh and use her witty humor. She started blogging her comedic approach/viewpoints from surgery to starting chemo in November. Before her surgery, she wrote a good-bye ode to her boobs and moved forward in her journey (and will do the same to chemo as she finishes in February).

On surgery day I pageant-waved and had a moment of silence for Thelma & Louise. I believe if you’re not laughing, you’re crying and it’s my humor that’s gotten me through and continues to help me. While my oncologist told me I’m technically cancer free, I will not publicly say it until I finish chemo. I’m also known for my love of flamingos so I'm wearing in my photo my good luck hat.

Now time for a poem!

T'was the night before my mastectomy and I lay awake wondering if my boobs realize their fate?

The eviction notice is set.. it's them not me!! Breast Cancer can be such a cruel trait. I lay here and wonder how my life is going to be without Thelma & Louise. 36 years we've had some laughs and one hell of a ride, but it's time for you to leave. "Why?" because you "tried to kill me, HOW RUDE! Rest assured, the new ones are coming new and improved)

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