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Trick or Treat in the Chemo Room

My name is Deisy and I am a 30 years young thriver living in Amsterdam for almost seven years. On July 2017, when I was 29, I was diagnosed with breast cancer stage 2B hormone positive, HER2 negative and also BRCA 1 and 2 negative. I had AC chemotherapy for three months and now I am finishing six rounds of Carbo+Taxol due to getting diagnosed in May 2018 with ovarian cancer unfortunately -- even though I am genetically negative.

During almost my whole life I've always laughed at complicated or hard situations. It is my first reaction due to nervousness, I guess, but deep in me I know that nothing is so terrible that you can't laugh about it.

When the nurse gave me the diagnosis, it was kind of a funny story because my mom was next to me (I am Spanish and my mom does not speak very good of English or any Dutch) and my first reaction was to laugh. So my mom looked at me laughing and looked at the nurse with her terrifying face and she thought "OK, what's going on in here?" So, when I translated the news to her, the first thing she did was put her hands on her face and said, "Oh, no! This is not possible!" That was when I stopped laughing and thought, "This is serious."


I was completely focused on getting the surgery done and continuing to work and following my life plans. But I was so wrong. My life has been turned upside down since then. I am now glad and happy in a way and making the best out the experience. 

An example of another funny story is last Halloween. I had chemo planned that day, so I thought, "Let's make it scary!!! Wahahaha." (evil laugh, you can picture it). I came up with the idea of wearing scary make-up together with my current partner or wearing something scary in the chemo room. Due to my bald head, I was hoping to make a nice scary face and indeed we did! Wahahaha!

Who said you can’t "have fun" in the chemo room? And how "scary" it was that I was half way to finishing chemo! Now I am almost finished! It's only six weeks away to FINALLY being done with this process and starting to live the life I was already waiting to enjoy! 

Cancer doesn't have to be a really sad thing if you look at it from another perspective and make the best out of the situation. Think that all is temporary in this life and you will feel better, at least that helped me a lot!

I am still here fighting and close to the end of this nightmare which means the beginning of my dreams coming true as well! Never give up and smile no matter what! ;-) 

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