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You're Not My Foob

Renee is 36 and a two-time cancer survivor and a single mother. She survived Acute Myeloid Leukemia and its brutal treatments at 18 years old. She had a successful bone marrow transplant from her sister but was stuck in isolation and a lifestyle much like COVID now at just 18 and long before Instagram, Facebook and FaceTiming.

She managed to stay healthy for 11 years and said she miraculously became pregnant. When her daughter was 5 she was diagnosed with Stage 2 Metastatic Breast Cancer. Due to her previous treatments, they had to use alternative chemotherapy and she underwent radiation treatment again as well as a cocktail of other injections, infusions, transfusions, total lymph node dissection, unilateral mastectomy and complete thyroid dissection.

She is still currently on a long-term mild chemotherapy and awaiting reconstructive and more preventative surgery but feeling strong in every way. She said, "My hair is long, my skin feels soft again and the chemo fog has dissipated as well. I’m a patient advocate for Family Reach and other organizations and sharing my story helps me too. Happy to share my experiences!"

I have not had my I reconstructive surgery yet so I wear a prosthetic implant.

It’s bulky and uncomfortable so most days I wear a cotton foob. It’s soft on my sensitive skin and does the job. So I woke up this morning and with my sleepy eyes closed reached over and stuffed in my foob as I climbed out of bed like I normally do.

I got ready for my day and carried on. Even did a great workout and was feeling fan-freaking-tastic. Then I went to take a shower and much to my surprise found that I didn’t have my foob stuffed in my bra. Apparently my daughter left her squishmallow stuffed animal in my bed and I had mistaken it for my foob.

So naturally, I made a TikTok video and shared the experience with the breast cancer support group I’m in on Facebook! Everyone meet my friend “Pinky.”


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