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Watch Your Step

Rebecca Wulkan is a wife, mom, life coach and Stage 4 breast cancer thriver. She lives in

beautiful BC, Canada and is chronicling her cancer journey on Instagram @notamamalogue and working on training for her second half marathon. Her story is part of our weekly writer's prompt project.

I have breast cancer with bone mets. Over the summer, I was chatting with a friend of mine who teaches sports medicine. He told me that weight bearing exercises would be great to help strengthen my bones. In the fall, I hired a personal trainer to come to my house and teach me some weight routines.

I’m not particularly out of shape, but I guess I hadn’t really focused on one area of my body for quite some time. I did my first workout with my new trainer and I was feeling really confident about my skill level and how I did during our session.

After we finished, I went back into the house, had water, showered, had a snack -- the usual

post workout things. I was feeling good -- until I had to head down the stairs again. Both my

legs buckled and instead of descending gracefully, I bailed completely and fell down the whole flight of stairs.

Lucky for me, nothing hurt except my wounded pride. It’s a great reminder to leave my cocky

attitude at the door.

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